• Transform your Business
  • How do you test resiliency of Critical Infrastructure?
    Real world attack scenarios for Cyber Security
  • Mapping the terrain
  • UAVs and Drones for
    Inspection and Monitoring

GramInfra delivers a broad spectrum of services and emerging technologies

Our Services

Cyber Range

The ultimate proving ground for critical systems and technologies. We help customers test the resilience of critical technologies — with industry-leading agility, flexibility and scalability.

Network Visibility and Monitoring

The ever changing networks of today need an equally agile and intelligent monitoring system. We have partnered expertise to provide visibility for large scale networks

Network Infrastructure

We innovate across wired and wireless technologies to industry specific needs and the most demanding cases.

Rapid Enterprise Application Development

We have automated the software coding process uniquely, which helps us in delivering the application at lightening speed.

ICS Security

The security of OT components is paramount. Our advanced simulation of cyber events in the OT domain gives you the insights needed.

UAVs for Business Transformation

UAVs and drones are advancing at a rapid pace. We help you tap the huge potential of UAVs to transform business.

Who We Are

GramInfra is a Gurugram based professional services company that drives transformation in business operations of it's customers via different technology model geared towards digital era. Our industry driven approach helps customers build and run more efficient and cost-effective digital business.

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