Providing a fully functional testing center, GramInfra builds fit-for-purpose cyber ranges, using modular components, to meet the mission-unique and complex needs of our customers.

The word range in the term cyber range is military wording for a typical targeting or kinetic range where you can send troops to hone their fighting skills with a variety of realistic well-planned exercises and war game their attack and defence strategies.

Similarly, a cyber-range provides your network and IT technology personnel with a realistic platform for creation of attack and defense scenarios, mimicking real-world scenarios in the range to uncover the chinks in their cyber Armour at People, Process or Technology.

What is Cyber Range

Cyber Range is a platform where organisations can simulate their IT, OT (Operational Technology) or ICT (Industrial Control Systems ) environments and attack them with live malware and exploits to find out various vulnerabilities at infrastructure, OS or device configuration level. The same is not ordinarily possible by conducting Cyber audits or VA/ PT as attacking a live environment with malware and exploits can have catastrophic effects.

The Cyber Range is also an excellent platform for conducting various Cyber Drills and Red and Blue Team exercises. These are drills specially designed for the security teams of an organisation where they are trained to Detect, Respond and Mitigate various threats including sophisticated Botnet attacks, Distributed denial of service attacks, Ransomware and various other scenarios that are relevant to their sector / industry

Key Benefits

With a Cyber Range customers can:

  • Customize sophisticated testing protocols in hours — not months
  • Expose systems and networks to realistic nation-state threats
  • Conduct force-on-force cyber gaming / exercises
  • Evaluate the latest techniques in cyber protection
  • Scalable and agile range architecture enables emulation of complex enterprises up to internet scale composed of a wide diversity of host platforms (general-purpose, embedded, mobile), operating systems, and applications
  • Unique range automation permits rapid set up and ear down of test environments or reconstitution in a repeatable, error-free manner to support exercises and training objectives