How often have you pondered about:

  • Are you able to reliably know the performance of your distributed network locations?
  • Have you done a WAN assessment before rolling out a new networked service?
  • Do you wish to quickly test the network from anywhere to anywhere?
  • Is there an automated network performance system in place?
  • Do you actively test all your network paths before the day starts, everyday, and find out about issues before users do?

If you have, or if similar thoughts have bogged down your mind, GramInfra has the perfect solution for you - HawkEye

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GramInfra's Value Proposition

Hawkeye is an active network monitoring solution that is deployed across entire company offices and campus to be the eyes and hands of the IT and Network Operations Teams. Unlike passive monitoring tools that rely on user traffic and network elements, Hawkeye uses network instrumentation to proactively test, report, and develop trends on network uptime and quality.

Customers, in India and abroad, use HAWKEYE to gain real-time visibility into their remote offices and network services, and proactively discover network or service outages. It is designed to complement existing in-place passive monitoring platforms. Hawkeye employs active traffic injection to enable teams to understand the impact of the network on applications.

This gives visibility across the entire network infrastructure, from remote offices to central data centers and cloud services, with easy distribution of low-cost endpoints.

It enables improved uptime on business services and reduced time to identify network faults and verify if “it’s the network”. It allows IT teams to understand trends using historical data to make better decisions on improving the business services offered.It allows IT teams to be proactive; unlike passive monitoring tools, interval-based active assessments do not depend on users being in the office or using network services.It enables verification of network readiness after implementing a change or a fix, or before rolling out new key services on the network—performing dry runs and verifying the network with synthetic traffic before real users do

wifi network

Key Benefits & Differentiators

  • Designed for easy deployment on a live networks with combination of software and low-cost hardware endpoints—get started in minutes
  • Intuitive interface for configuration and dashboards
  • Rich library of traffic generation with support for key applications—verify all traffic types and user behaviors
  • Continuous monitoring and verification of key paths and applications on the network